The West Virginia Medical Cannabis Advisory Board unanimously voted on Tuesday for a proposal that would allow doctors to recommend medicinal cannabis to any patient they believe could benefit, WOWK reports. The plan still requires the approval of the full board, but the reforms are supported by the State Office for Medical Cannabis.

Current state law only allows patients with one of 14 qualifying conditions to have access to medical cannabis.

Jesse Forbes, attorney on the advisory board, argued that patients – and not industry – should benefit from the medical cannabis program. She added that if lawmakers wanted to “create an industry, they would have passed a recreation law”.

“To be clear, doctors in West Virginia don’t prescribe cannabis, they can’t because of federal law. But what they can do is certify patients who need access. And right now that our list is written, it’s very tight. ”- Forbes on WOWK

Rusty Williams, the board’s patient advocate, said adding to the list would “help everyone.”

“We leave a lot of people out if we stick to this list, and not only do we leave people out,” he noted during the meeting, “but we also put up barriers to the industry that make it difficult for some people to even close the doors open to pharmacies. “

The West Virginia Senate passed bills twice to allow edibles in the limited program – both this year and last year – but none of the laws were passed by the House of Delegates. Patients in the state only have access to pills, oils, topicals, and vape products, and registration only began last month – four years after lawmakers approved the reforms.

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