After state lawmakers overwhelmingly voted against a bill to legalize recreational marijuana, a nurse from North Dakota spoke up.

Gail Pederson is a trained nurse who specializes in holistic care, including advice and education about cannabis.

She came to state assembly from Valley City in 2017 to testify in support of medical marijuana. Pederson was back this year in support of the legalization law, this failedand another that increases the number of nurses approved for medical cannabis patients. This passed.

As a 41-year-old nurse with a certificate in cannabis nursing, Pederson says misinformation is still a problem at the Capitol.

“Nobody knows what the endocannabinoid system is, how it works in our body, how important it is and why we need it as a drug,” said Pederson.

“More and more studies are coming out that people are using cannabis to reduce their pain medication use. To reduce their alcohol use is a big deal.”

Your goal is to educate vendors and all North Dakotans about the facility.

She runs a free course on WednesdayApril 14th at the Ramada in Bismarck from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.