Okanagan College offers a health care provider course that explores the rapidly changing field of medical cannabis in Canada.

The college has partnered with Durham College in Oshawa, Ontario and NorQuest College in Edmonton to offer the two-day live online course for health professionals.

“As research related to medical cannabis continues to evolve, it is critical to healthcare

Professionals should understand how medicinal cannabis can be used as possible treatment options for various conditions, ”said Debbie Johnston, Dean of the Faculty of Professional and Part-Time Learning at Durham College.

Okanagan College offers a range of courses that cover retail sales of recreational cannabis.

Grow your own active investments and trade and plant science.

Live online sessions on February 6th and 7th are designed to help better understand medical cannabis in the context of customer-centric care.

Participants will learn about the endocannabinoid system, cannabinoids, terpenes, cannabis use methods, pharmacokinetic effects, and strains of cannabis, and receive practical information that will enable them to understand medical cannabis treatment plans, including dosage, titration, and identification of risk factors for clients.

“The Medical Cannabis Essentials course for healthcare professionals focuses on providing a unique training opportunity for healthcare professionals who adapt to the changing needs of their patients,” said Jennifer Gorman, associate director of continuing education and corporate training at the Okanagan College.

“Since adding cannabis training to our courses, we’ve worked with industry leaders to make sure we received the courses

Creating corresponds to a very clear need in our communities. “

The course also addresses viewpoints from various regulatory agencies and associations on medical cannabis.

Participants will receive a digital badge that can be added to an e-portfolio or LinkedIn page.