British Columbia-based cannabis company Tilray is seeking discussions with Health Canada about cannabis beverage rules and equivalence with other cannabis products that became legal in Canada in 2019.

On Monday, Tilray announced it had signed a deal with Aphria to become “a leading cannabis-focused consumer products company”. According to the press release posted on the company’s website, the company is aiming for a “complete portfolio of Cannabis 2.0 products to strengthen its leadership position.”

In the meantime, the Québecoise de l’industrie du Cannabis Association also wants to open talks with the government on a variety of areas, including licensing for medicinal cultivation, additional oversight programs, developing a marketing and branding regime, and applying excise duty to medical cannabis.

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The federal budget presented last month included spending $ 27 billion over five years to create a national childcare system that could bring childcare costs down to an average of $ 10 a day nationwide.

CONTINUE READING: The budget is $ 27 billion over five years for the national childcare system

In light of this proposal, the Ontario Association of Day Care Operators would like to work with the government to ensure that the rights and interests of the owners of independent licensed day care facilities and the parents whose children attend such facilities are protected.

The highlights

Multiple registrations

This week there were three customer organizations with triple registrations: Novometrix Research Inc., EarthDaily Analytics Corp., and Quebec Association of the Cannabis Industry. Six others had duplicate registrations: Western Milk Pool, MedicAlert Foundation Canada, Frontier Duty Free Association, Cannabis Council of Canada, Association of Day Carers in Ontario, and Alliance for Data Protection and Innovation in Canada.

Crestview Strategy topped the list of registrants this week with seven registrations. Rubicon Strategy Inc. and Summa Strategies Canada each had six registrations and Wellington Dupont Public Affairs five. National Public Relations had four registrations and five companies had triple registrations: Pathway Group, Hill + Knowlton Strategies, Counsel Public Affairs Inc., Capital Hill Group, and Impact Public Affairs. Three other companies had duplicate registrations: Teneo, StrategyCorp Inc., and Flagship Solutions.

Reem Wahab of Wellington Dupont Public Affairs topped the list of lobbyists with five registrations. Morgan Stahl and Muhammad Ali of Crestview Strategy had four and three registrations, respectively, and Miriam Mathew of Rubicon Strategy Inc. also had three registrations. Six other lobbyists had double registrations: Tiéoulé Traoré from NATIONAL Public Relations, Tara Beauport from Capital Hill Group, Philip Vlahogiannis from Teneo, Meredith Logan and Alex Maheu from Summa Strategies Canada, and Benjamin Howe from Impact Public Affairs.

In the last agricultural / commercial registrants:

The Canadian Prepaid Providers Organization (CPPO) was registered by Rachel McLaughlin of PAA Public Affairs Advisors Inc. to educate the government about laws affecting the Canadian prepaid payments industry and guidelines and regulatory considerations related to the prepaid payment card market.

Efforts Corporation, A US company that makes pest control and wood preservatives enlisted the help of Scott Thurlow of Scott Thurlow LLP to campaign for government approval of copper naphthenate as a wood preservative.

Muhammad Ali of Crestview Strategy registered for Tenaris SA, A Calgary-based steel pipe manufacturing company that, according to its filing, has, among other things, an interest in international trade policy for steel imports and exports.

Other: Foran Mining Corporation, TTSG The Veritas Edge Family Office Support Ltd., Frontier Duty Free Association, Les Vetements Wazana Inc., Lted-Lapointe Works of the General Cable Company, Western Milk Pool, South Essex Fabricating, Canadian Exhibition Management Association, Crystallex International Corp. . , Viterra Canada Inc.

In the last art / copyright registrants:

The Fabienne Colas Foundation, a black cultural organization, was registered by Tiéoulé Traoré of NATIONAL Public Relations to work with the government on a range of issues including black entrepreneurship, women entrepreneurship and the role of the film industry in promoting Canadian culture and identity.

Other: Prometheus Studios Inc.

In recent defense / security registrants:

Global Spatial Technology Solutions Inc. is pursuing contracts for its OCIANA technology solution and promoting the OCIANA platform for use as part of the maritime portion of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) modernization program. Jamie Baillie of Samuel Associates Inc. is committed to the company.

Other: Arnprior Aerospace

In the last registrants for energy / environment / climate:

Renewable energy company based in Alberta Greengate Power Corporation was registered by Sarah Painchaud of New West Public Affairs Inc. to seek an anti-dumping and countervailing tariff waiver order for Chinese photovoltaic modules (PV) and to address officials in the Intelligent Renewable Energy and Electrification Pathways Program.

Other: Commercial Packaging Solutions Inc., Wolf Infrastructure Management, EDF Renewables Development Inc., Quebec Atlantic Salmon Association (FQSA), Gazifère.

In the last health registrants:

The health and labor policies set out in the last budget are listed as key issues in a registry made on behalf of the Ontario Personal Support Worker Association by Reem Wahab of Wellington Dupont Public Affairs.

Based in Ontario Novometrix Research Inc. enlisted the help of Peter Curtis, Tyler Banham, and Jerry Khouri of the Pathway Group to investigate the government’s interest in sponsoring Phase 2/3 clinical trials for “A Vaccine Solution for the Future” with representatives from Health Canada to become.

Other: Altasciences Company Inc., Syneos Health, Jubilant HollisterStier Inc., Abbott Laboratories Co., MedicAlert Foundation Canada, Innovative Medicines Canada.

In recent tech / telecommunications registrants:

Satellite imaging company based in Vancouver EarthDaily Analytics Corp. was registered by Andrew Balfour, Don Newman and Fadi El Masry of Rubicon Strategy Inc. to work on its offering to support the Strategic Innovation Fund.

Forescout, A California-based software company was registered by Tara Beauport of The Capital Hill Group to pursue government agency opportunities in Canada.

Google Canada Corporation was registered by Adam Yahn of Summa Strategies Canada to work with the government on cyber security and privacy, copyright and competition laws, and Canadian online content broadcasting guidelines.

Other: Benchmark Corp Inc., e2ip Technologies Inc., Flextrack Inc., Convergence Tech Inc.

In the last indigenous registrants:

Canada Community Foundations

In the last transport registrants:

The Association of Canadian Port Authorities hired Linda Godin of the Compass Rose Group to help set up a lobbying day on issues affecting Canada’s ports, including the ongoing review of port modernization, to keep supply chains running smoothly during COVID-19 and to promote economic recovery promote green growth and innovation.

Infrastructure investments in Canada’s ports and the creation of marine sanctuaries are among the topics listed on a Washington, DC registry Cruise Lines International Association by Tara Beauport of Capital Hill Group.

Montreal Airport – Saint-Hubert requests a review of the agreement between Transport Canada and Montreal Airport to prevent Montreal – Saint-Hubert Airport from offering cross-border and seasonal charter flights. Andre Komlosy from Vision Stratégik Cabinet-Conseil is committed to the airport.

Other: Flair Airlines Ltd.


IDA Canada – the Canadian branch of the International Downtown Association – was registered by Benjamin Howe of Impact Public Affairs to seek federal funding for redesigning inner cities and traditionally commercial neighborhoods.

Sheamus Murphy, Ben Parsons and David Murray of Counsel Public Affairs Inc. signed up for the Alliance for Data Protection and Innovation in Canada, would like to discuss the possible changes to the proposed law on the protection of consumer privacy.

Other: Association of Canadian Travel Agents, North American Center for Threat Analysis and Trauma Response (NACTATR), Canadian Payroll Association, Score Media and Gaming Inc., Key Living.

Communication reports:

During the reporting period there were 128 communication reports with 280 notifications. There have been some communications from KPMG Canada LLP and CAE inc. From summer 2020.

Most active customer organizations

Dairy farmers in Ontario: 31 communications staff

Canadian Canola Growers Association: 14 communications staff

Mines Action Canada: 13 communications staff

Crystallex International Corp: 9 communications employees

Teamsters Canada: 6 communications staff

Startup Canada: 6 notices, paid lobbyist

The most active paid lobbyists

Lisa Kirbie for 2 customers, 10 messages

Ron Gersh from 4 customers, 7 communications

Natasha Morano for 1 customer, 6 messages

Brian Teefy for 1 customer, 5 messages

Tiéoulé Traoré for 2 clients, 4 communications

Robynne Anderson for 1 customer, 4 communications

Paul Tye for 1 customer, 4 messages

Kevin Bosch for 2 customers, 4 communications

Most lobbyists in public offices:

Francis Drouin: MP, 4 communications

Griffin Marsh: Special Assistant to the Minister for Indigenous Services, 3 notices.

Most lobby government institutions

House of Commons: 75

Global Affairs Canada (GAC): 14

Senate of Canada: 13

Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC): 11

Prime Minister’s Office (PMO): 10

Indigenous Services Canada (ISC): 10

Most lobby issues

Agriculture: 62

Consumer questions: 31

Environment: 25

International Relations: 17

Health: 17

With files from Marguerite Marlin

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