April 2021 – Ukraine has taken a step towards liberalizing the rules on the use of cannabis-based medicines. In particular, the Cabinet of Ministers has legalized:

  • Nabilone (a synthetic cannabinoid that mimics the effects of THC); and
  • Nabiximole (a specific cannabis extract with the same amount of THC and cannabidiol).

The psychotropic substances dronabinol, nabilone and nabiximole are only permitted in the form of drugs (on prescription) or in the form of substances intended for the manufacture and manufacture of such drugs.

In conclusion, the medicinal use of cannabis is currently banned in Ukraine. Cannabis is licensed for (i) forensic investigations, subject to obtaining an appropriate license; (ii) operational investigations related to criminal intelligence and surveillance operations; (iii) academic research and educational purposes (if such purpose is required by law); and (iv) for the cultivation and use of plants with a low THC yield (0.08%) for industrial purposes only and not for medicinal treatments.

Importantly, in 2020, according to a nationwide opinion poll, Ukrainians expressed their support for the legalization of medical cannabis. In addition, four alternative bills legalizing medical cannabis have been registered in the Ukrainian Parliament in the past 6 months.