CBD is the product of the moment, whether taken as drops for a calming effect, added to your moisturizer to make your skin glow, or … in your coffee?

It seems like a brand new “cannabis cafe” is opening in Edinburgh selling amazing-sounding CBD teas and hemp coffees to take away.

Vitality and Kynd have opened on Leven Street after a recent renovation, serving a variety of “infused” items as well as healthy foods and drinks.

Edinburgh Live previously reported that the menu was very varied. The cafe stated that everything from “cannabis-infused options” to groceries, CBD oils, and an assortment of hemp teas would be sold.

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While the restrictions remain in place, the cafe cannot be opened to meeting guests, but they are now serving hot drinks to walk out of the hatch for prospective customers who are on the lockdown.

Vitality & Kynd previously made it clear in an interview with Edinburgh Live that the cafe will not be an Amsterdam-style cafe and will only sell legal hemp products.

They said, “After years of careful planning, the idea of ​​a coffee shop selling legal cannabis and CBD products has finally become a reality.

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“It’s not the smoky and hazy café you find in the narrow-meshed streets of Amsterdam, but the café has some great ideas for bringing cannabis products to the public.

“We’ll be serving a plant-based menu with a touch of avocado on sourdough and creatively prepared pancakes as part of the food service, as well as freshly ground coffee, artisanal teas and juices.

“But the real crowd-pleaser will be the special cannabis menu. It will be a real delight for those who appreciate the wide variety of flavors and smells cannabis has to offer.”

They made an announcement on social media announcing that they are now serving from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day of the week until they can be fully opened.